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Building E 0.8.20k
Unix-Like Platforms

Installing The Java Runtime

We recommend these:

Mac OS X
already included

Building E

Unpack the source distribution into a directory, cd into "e/src" and say "make". You can treat <directory>/export/dist as the directory containing the unpacked E distribution, ie, the directory where E is to be installed. You can also copy <directory>/export/dist somewhere else, and treat that as the directory where E is to be installed. That way, it won't be overwritten on the next make. Be sure you have an installation of bash >= 2.05. Most Unixoids already have an adequate bash installed. As of this writing, Mac OS X does not. See Obtaining Bash for more.

Then proceed to the installation instructions.

This will not remake the parsers. If you wish to do so, set the environment variable "MAKE_PARSERS" to "true" before running make. If this doesn't work, see BYacc/Java Dependencies.

If you have any troubles building E, check out the new documentation on Environment Variables.